Over 100 miles of ATV trails linking to an ever-growing Northwest Wisconsin ATV Trail system make Washburn County a premier ATV destination. Multiple loops throughout the county, linking to the Wild River Trail, create an ATV experience like no other. Ample ATV parking areas and access to lodging and restaurants make planning an ATV vacation easy. ATV trails open the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and stay open through the winter. Fall is an especially enjoyable time to explore the area trails and take in the breathtaking fall colors.

The County Forest does allow limited motorized vehicle access on roads and trails within the forest. The Washburn County Forest is split into 31 integrated resource management units, each unit designated as open to motorized travel; open to motorized travel on designated roads and trails; or closed to all motorized travel.

The County has 49,000 acres of forest open to motorized travel on all established roads and trails; 78,000 acres of forest with roads open to motorized travel on a two mile density, and 21,000 acres closed to all motorized travel.

Two wheel motorized travel is prohibited on all areas of the County Forest. Off trail travel is prohibited, and all motor vehicle travel is prohibited from April 1 to May 31 of each year to protect the forest during periods of high fire danger.